After reading Page 99, Would you want to turn the page?

page99logo1.jpgFor decades, readers have used the Page 99 Test to judge the writing of a book before buying it. That's the idea here... but with a twist. Here, published and unpublished writers share their page 99s with readers like you. And you get to rate their writing (without knowing if it's published or who the author is). It's fast. Fun. Addictive.

Why Page 99, Not Page 1?

Because it's arbitrary. It's rarely as worked on as the elements we usually judge a book by. Like the synopsis, the first few pages, or (you know it's true) the cover.

Why Not More Than 1 Page?

Because it's supposed to be a snapshot. A snippet. You've got 1 page to capture a reader. Failed miserably? We all have! Revise your manuscript and try again.

Some Uploads Aren’t Page 99

It's up to the writer to play by 'the rules'. To get the most useful reader feedback, writers should upload page 99 (rather than an overworked page).

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Law Books

Lawyer in La Crosse WIIntroduction

Law books offer lawyers a distinctive view on the subject of proof, evidence and justice. If you are a lawyer, you can check out law for a variety of your business cases, criminal cases, family divorce cases, etc.

Way to get law books

With the advent of the Internet, getting law books has become easy, quick and inexpensive. There are several websites that feature several links to a number of free online law books. These online books on law are either downloadable or can be screened online. Their law book collections will cover all branches of law, including family, civil and criminal laws.

Usually, these websites will feature links that allow their members to have the free books tour based on their area of specialization. Some websites charge customers an affordable cost to download some books on law, whereas some other sites allow people to download books for free of cost with some nominal subscription.


Whether you are a criminal lawyer or a family lawyer or a lawyer who specializes in other branches of law, procuring law books online for all your cases is cheaper than buying those books at a retail shop.

Reading on the elliptical

For the more mid-range elliptical machines we see Smooth Fitness offering very much affordable but great value machines. Much of their ranges are developed for home use and with the value you would expect. Smooth Fitness machines come with fantastic warranties and with new features such as iPod docking stations with built in speakers and adjustable fans.
Elliptical have grown to be highly sought after recently, as more people are becoming health conscious and looking for efficient ways to lose weight and acquire fit. Years ago, treadmills and exercise bikes were the training machines of preference, however in recent years elliptical machines became the most well-liked workout option for lots of people due to one basic unquestionable fact: elliptical machines provide a far safer, more efficient, more efficient, and all round better exercises than treadmills or exercise bikes. We certainly have noticed a huge increase in the reply to our elliptical books reviews in just recent months.

Just how exactly does livestrong offer such type of superior workout? Because of continue upgrades in technology that’s why Elliptical trainers is becoming more popular and suppliers are encouraged improving its features and have been in the market for almost A decade now, the manufacturer still finding its way on the way to be able to make the machine even more better than treadmill and bikes.

After you do a workout, you generally feel exhausted and drained and this is what elliptical machine attempting to prevent in designing its model, make it more secure and not giving stress towards the body. An injury can undo all the efforts you have set up to reducing weight and getting fit, and can often have you in worse shape than when you started!

It is in injury prevention that elliptical really come into their own, and why everybody is choosing them. Elliptical trainer was exclusive in design because it imitates the natural motions of the body when walking, running, skiing and make sure that your hands and feet are in best touch with the machine. The combination of these factors shows that an elliptical gives you a near impact free cardiovascular exercises. Compare this to traditional cardiovascular exercises machines like treadmills, or other cardio exercise like running, skipping, or jogging which are all high impact exercises.

These motions are all high impact exercise since they require your entire body to move, and this will surely trigger your bones and joints to seem like beaten. It is this high impact part of these workouts that can cause a huge amount of injuries every year to people who are simply attempting to lose weight and get fit. High-impact injuries are among the most usual types of sports relevant injuries around.

calendar books

Handle your time effectively with calendar books The pace of modern day life can appear faster than

your heartbeat and time is flying. Scheduling and organizing your everyday life can be quite a

painstaking and challenging task. This is all the more true if you have to divide your attention

between your work and your family.
The biggest problem is not that we are unable to organize our lives. The problem is that we are stuck

thinking about how to do it. This results in a continuous thought process that can go something like

this: “Should I meet Greg and Marcy for lunch today? Oh no, wait. I have this business meeting

scheduled at 2 p.m. How about I take them out for dinner tonight? No no, ain’t gonna happen either, we

would watch our son’s baseball game today. Hmmm….”. And so it continues all day long. Not only does

this wreak havoc on your mental health, it can also drain you from the last bit of energy you have

left. The solution? Calendar books!
It sounds rather silly, that simple calendar books can make quite a difference in your life. But the

best solutions are usually the simplest ones. Using calendar books can help you to effectively schedule

your day ahead of time, so you don’t need to break your head over what you’re going to do next. Most

importantly though, it will not only save you time, but it can even help you to create more time with

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Fortunately, calendar books are easy to use. You can take 30 minutes a week and use it to schedule the

week ahead. Just imagine how you much time you can save now that you don’t have to grind over your next

meeting or appointment. Want to have some peace of mind again? Use a calendar book!

The Brainiest Insaniest Ultimate Puzzle Book! by Amy Goldstein

C:\Users\Ja\Desktop\Antivirus\ancest\The Brainiest Insaniest Ultimate Puzzle Book! by Amy Goldstein.jpgThe Brainiest Insaniest Ultimate Puzzle Book is one of the best books to buy for your children if you want them to have fun and utilize their brain constructively at the same time. In a society where kids are growing up watching TV and playing video games most of the time, there is need to bring a lasting solution that makes these little angles think hard and benefit from it. That has been the main inspiration behind this famous book.

The book contains over 250 mind-teasing games, mazes, puzzles and so much more. Probably to grab the attention of kids, the book consists of a wide variety of illustrations and colors. Some of the puzzles include Gray Matter where the readers are required to solve a brief crossword and then use their answers to crack another riddle. On the other hand, Hot Lines is all about matching kids to their clothing and this is usually based on tan line. Flea Circuit is yet another exciting and unique maze where the players are required to find their way out by hoping around like a flea.

With the availability of more than 250 games in one book, you will always be proud as a parent to see your kids trying their best to solve each one of these games. There is always an educative and mind boggling factor in every game available in this famous book for kids. This is one of those books that make kids look brighter and smarter than their age, which is beneficial in the long run.

The truth of the matter is that kids love to be engaged in various challenging activities. Instead of spending the whole day watching television, eating or playing video games, The Brainiest Insaniest Ultimate Puzzle Book! by Amy Goldstein is the best book to buy for these little angels and watch them think outside the box. They will always be proud of themselves after solving every puzzle, which eventually boost their self esteem.

The Shoe Book by Nancy MacDonnell

C:\Users\Ja\Desktop\Antivirus\ancest\The Shoe Book by Nancy MacDonnell.jpgThe Shoe Book is a book that every women and person will come to love. This book has been classified as the book that has the most information about shoes. Up to today, no book has ever come close.
People would love to read this book because of the history it releases to the public. This book explores shoes at their very beginning, and it explores shoes today, too. This book goes through every style shoe.
This book is also great because it gives clear definition about the message women give when they wear shoes. This book gives away these messages, and there is a message for every pair of Lindsay phillips shoes. There is also a message in the way a woman wears shoes, too. There are things learned in this book that could never be learned anywhere else. Many famous women have contributed to this book, and women from all around the world purchase this book on a daily basis.
The words are big, so anyone can read them. The end of the book is not impossible to get to, and when people pick this book up they never want to put it down. This book is full of facts that have made their way through the times.
Every women and every person that has every read this book agrees that this book has changed their life. After reading this book, people will never look at shoes the same again. This book has excellent reviews by all people, especially famous women that love shoes. This book comes at a very reasonable price. This is also one of those books that make a great gift for a person’s birthday and every holiday. Women has attested to reading this book over and over again, because one time is never enough.

The Gift Of Nothing by Patrick McDonnell

giftofnothingThe Gift Of Nothing is considered a popular book around the entire world. The reason why people love this book a lot is because it is for grades one through four. This means students are not too young or not too old to read this book. This book also has big words, and there are not many words on each page, either. Furthermore, the illustrator has done a great job with the drawings on each page. Each drawing is so amazing that they alone keep reads interested.
Teacher and parents alike love the the message that this book sends; it is a message of hope and love, and family. There is a cat that wants to give a dog something. The problem is that the dog has everything a dog could want in life. The cat has a hard time finding something for the dog. As the story concludes, the cat gives the dog a large box, but the box is empty. The cat explains he could not give the dog nothing but friendship, because that is all that is left in the end; this sweet ending touches everyone’s heart to the fullest extent.
Every teacher that has ever read this book to their class agrees that this book has real meaning. All students love reading this book out loud because of its simplicity, so this books makes a great reading lesson, too.
Parents also love reading this book to children at night. This book keeps kids interested the entire time, so it will put them to sleep, especially if they are tired. This book comes at a very cheap price for the amazing boyfriend gift it brings to the public. Customers get more for their money when they purchase this book. This book can also be delivered in twenty-four hours.

24 Day Recipe Collection

24 Day Recipe CollectionOne main reason why people fail in their desire to live and eat healthy is boredom. After doing the same workout routine and following a similar diet, things can get pretty dull. Take a glance at your kitchen because it is the starting point of the change to a new, healthy lifestyle. You might want to add 24 Day Recipe Collection: Eating well should not be Challenging!by Independent Distributors in your cookbook collection.

Your food is what provides you energy to require on each day, so it is what should be looked into when evaluating your health. Chances are you have already made some changes in your kitchen in order to meet your fitness and eating well goals. You have cut out the high fat, high calorie snacks and treats. Did you know that there are a variety of desserts and snacks that are simple to make that do not end up with the high calorie contents? There are lots of low fat, low sugar recipes in the book. If you have been struggling with recipes, this book will sure come in handy. It has a collection of vegetarian recipes that are simple to prepare. It also has a selection of healthy and balanced favorite regional cuisines. Though not all recipes in the cookbook is going to fit into your personal health goals, but you will find something that suits you. Having a new recipe collection will motivate you to stay focused on your health goals.

24 Day Recipe Collection: Eating well should not be Challenging!by Advocare Independent Distributors has very tasty recipes and will help you remain on course with your healthy eating lifestyle. There are lots of recipes to choose from and you will never run out of ideas. This cook book is your first step to eating healthy and you will see the results of your challenge in the first week of using it.

The Complete Book of Jewelry Making – by Carles Codina

The Complete Book of Jewelry MakingThe complete book of jeweler y making is an amazing illustrating guide to techniques of making jeweler y.The content in this book is similar to that in Jinks McGrath’s The Encyclopedia of Jeweler y –Making Techniques with inclusion of very important chapter on stuffs of metals (silver and gold). If you are interested in something handmade the davinci collection is very nice. They range from jewelry designs, fashion jewelry with trending, jewelry education ,wedding,watches and bridal jewelry.

This remarkably inclusive director to the jeweler’s sculpture is a treasure-trove of information—large, lovely, and by hundreds of hue pictures. It’s purely the finest, most comprehensive source-book existing, with its illuminating dialogue of elementary metallurgy ( smelting, alloying, pickling and annealing), with professional-quality practices for cutting, penetrating, joining, and making ends and rings. Study the deceits of the skill for improving exteriors; etching, merging metals, generating textures, totaling color; carving; enameling; and jewel set. Seven wonderfully offered projects comprise a silver resettles incomplete, an uttered gold band with clasp, a numerous loop-in-loop sequence, and a four-sided hollow-construction hoop to expire for. The explanation and instruction for melting , working of precious metals and soldering are wonderful .The illustrations shows instructions of one piece to finish. Every chapter continues in a natural way and illustration shows the whole demonstration steps and includes other pieces of example and completes demonstration steps.Its very easy for one to follow these demonstration step by step without any assistance from anyone. This book can be found at

Amazon jewelry book seller is among the top rated book seller in the the USA and now clinching to the world best book seller. Its very convenient Shopping online is available and has the modest and fascinating jewelry books.Most people have reviewed the help of these books.books. Alot of people have recommended these books and are very pleased with the illustrations and guidance that are easy to follow.This book is very informative for beginners, amateur and experts. I would recommend you get a copy of this.